Miss Withers (misswithers) wrote,
Miss Withers

Old West Girls

For various reasons or another, I haven't had a lot of time to keep this journal up-to-date, so here is something to make up for that.

These are some rough drawings of some western characters I'm developing (veeeeery slowly).

I don't want to give away their names yet, since I'm not sure if they'll keep them, but I'll put their ranking instead.

The Madam

The Laundress/Streetwalker

The French Call-Girl

These are pretty rough and crappy, they were the second pass I made at sketching the girls out from REALLY rough scribbles, but I kind of like them anyway.

In other sad news, my little one-eyed cat, Jack, went missing three weeks ago. We live in an area with coyotes, so chances are he is gone for good, but he was greatly loved and dearly missed.

God Speed, Father Jack 2007-2010
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